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Fortior Arbitration Guide - Introduction

This is an introduction to a short series of video lectures accompanying Fortior Law's Arbitration Guide.

Who Are These Lectures For?

These are practical lectures and they aim at 3 categories of people. Firstly, people who are unable or unwilling to pay the law firm to run the arbitration and have time to do so themselves. Secondly, people who have complex cases and have no choice but to hire lawyers but want to be able to participate in the arbitration in form manner and minimize the law firm’s fees. Thirdly, students who in addition to learning about the theory of arbitration in universities, want to be able to understand how it works in practice and get themselves up to speed for work in the law firm.

Topics Covered In These Lectures

In the following 8 lectures, of about 15 minutes each, I will cover the following topics:

  1. “How to commence arbitration?”

  2. “How selection and appointment of Tribunals works?”

  3. “How to prepare and to draft written submissions, such as statement of case, defence and reply?”

  4. “What is the standard procedure in the International Arbitration and how it is established?”

  5. “The most common procedural requests or applications to the International Arbitration and how to prepare them?”

  6. ” The standard requirements for evidence and disclosure of documents in the International Arbitration”

  7. “How Tribunals normally conduct hearings and allocate legal costs?”

  8. “On what grounds arbitration awards may be challenged in Court?”

Fortior's Arbitration Guide

These lectures accompanying Fortior’s Arbitration Guide, where we cover all of these issues in greater detail and provide sample documents such as written submissions, procedural requests, witness statements and others. At Fortior we are introducing an open template policy. With client’s consent, we are posting an anonymous copy of actual submissions in arbitrations, which means that you are likely to find the template that you need. With our guided hand and the templates virtually, anyone can run the simple arbitration without engaging lawyers.

If you would like to learn more about Arbitration Guide, please visit or contact one of our lawyers at info at

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