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Arbitration Guide - Promo

Welcome to the short series of video lectures on the International Arbitration accompanying Fortior Law Arbitration Guide.

Do you need to run an English arbitration?

Do you want to save on English lawyers' fees?

Do you want to run an arbitration yourself, without engaging lawyers?

Our Arbitration Guide is what you need to achieve this.

My name is Vitaliy Kozachenko. I am an English and New-York Qualified lawyer and I specialize in international arbitration. I am also the Managing Director of Fortior Law, a boutique arbitration practice based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Arbitration Guide consists of short practical video lectures on every basic step of the arbitration proceeding, a book which goes into those steps and potential complications in greater detail, and a library of template documents. These templates are anonymized submissions in the actual arbitrations we run. They give you real-life experience of how arbitration works. I will give you some examples of how you can use our Guide.

In every English arbitration, the Tribunal has to establish, or the parties have to agree on the procedure. Our Arbitration Guide has a free video lecture on how to do this, a book chapter on this topic and a template order for directions. This is basically all you need to deal with at this stage of the arbitration yourself.

Imagine you won an arbitration overall but lost on some issues. You would then need to draft a submission to explain to the Tribunal why you should get your costs. Our Arbitration Guide has a video lecture, a textbook and a template which you can use to draft this submission. The template has a clear and to-the-point analysis of all the relevant legal principles. You can simply copy and paste the legal submissions from the template and apply them to your own facts. An annual subscription to the Arbitration Guide costs CHF999. This is a great deal, given that an average London law firm could charge you around GBP20,000 to GBP30,000 just for the cost’s submission similar to our template. The Arbitration Guide saves you time, hundreds of thousands of pounds and makes your life easier. We can also assist if you have a complex arbitration or if you need to apply to Court.

We will then deduct the amount you have paid for the Guide from our fees, so that eventually you will get it for free. You can take a look at the Arbitration Guide's website at

For any questions or feedback, for instance as to the kinds of templates which you think should be included in the guide, get in touch at

Good luck with your arbitration!

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